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... and then it rained August 2013 bis heute

… a game as simple as challenging – a unique interactive, visual and acoustic experience you can play for hours.

2 Boys 1 Cup April 2014 bis May 2014

Funny PvP-Endless Runner

2 Dreams September 2013 bis January 2014

“Surreal, unique, and original, 2 Dreams is an intriguing narrative adventure puzzler that is a special kind of game” –

Ad Infinitum May 2014 bis heute

Ad Infinintum is a surealistic horror game set in the trenches of World War I. Hide from vicious creatures and escape this hostile world.

Airbag Frank February 2012 bis June 2012

Frank always wanted to fly! Help Frank reach for the stars in this incredibly cute and dazzingly fun game.

AirlineSim January 2002 bis heute

A browser-based, massive-multiplayer airline business simulation game.

Ape Deactivate Ultimate January 2013 bis heute

Ape Deactivate is a fast-paced action puzzle game for iOS and Android. It’s about a crazy scientist and his four apes who accidentally activ

Autobahn Police Simulator September 2014 bis heute

Simulation of German highway (Autobahn) patrol.

AUX B October 2014 bis March 2016

Connect the cables. Deliver the music.

Black Falls March 2014 bis heute

Black Falls is a dialogue-driven episodic game in 2D.

Blades of Chance October 2014 bis April 2015

A round based tactical fighting game for 2 players on 1 device with a mix of rock-paper-scissors and gambling mechanics at its core.

Blockadillo January 2015 bis heute

Blockadillo is a mobile game about smashing colored blocks with a furious armadillo!

BossConstructor January 2007 bis heute

Construction-based space-shooter on Steam Early Access

Cabs vs. Helicopter September 2013 bis March 2014

Save the Earth from an alien menace: Shoot Aliens! Shoot empty cabs! But do not kill any humans!

Card Crawl August 2014 bis March 2015

Card Crawl is a solitaire style Dungeon Crawler played with a modified deck of standard cards.

Chaos Projectile April 2014 bis heute

Run and Gun meets RPG

Climb May 2014 bis May 2014

Agility Twinstick Climbing Game - without feet

Colors July 2013 bis October 2013

Colors is a simple but incredibly addictive game.

Cosmonautica July 2013 bis heute

A Space Trading Adventure

Croco\\\'s Escape October 2013 bis February 2014

Croco was captured by the evil villain Rocket Bull and needs your help to escape!

Crysis Analogue Edition

The official Crysis board game

Darkfield August 2013 bis heute

Breathtaking virtual reality space dogfight, in space and breathtaking!

Das Tal January 2013 bis heute

Sandbox-MMORPG. Open PvP, Full Loot, Settlements & Sieges. Unique, time-boxed worlds. Newbie-friendly.

daWindci Deluxe February 2014 bis July 2014

Paint wind, hurricanes and lightning with the tip of your finger and thereby navigate your balloon through riddles and obstacles.

Days of Dawn April 2012 bis heute

Ein fantastisches Rollenspiel mit emotionalem Magiesystem und ganz eigenem Look & Feel

Doors to Perception September 2014 bis heute

VR Game inspired by polish artist Z.Beksinski

Doxan/Galaxy Fighter January 2004 bis January 2008

3D Spaceshooter

Drive & Survive March 2014 bis heute

Single and Multiplayer Race Combat

Dungeon League August 2013 bis heute

Dungeon League ist ein taktisches Brettspiel für zwei Spieler, das die Emotionen eines guten Fußballspiels ins Wohnzimmer holt.

Elektrikerus May 2014 bis heute

Music and Rhythm Game

EndCiv February 2014 bis heute

Survival city builder

Fahr-Simulator-Serie September 2006 bis July 2013

Fahr-Simulator 2009 + 2012 + Fahrschul-Edition 2013, Abschleppwagen-Simulator 2010, Spezialfahrzeuge-Simulator, Reisemobil Fahr-Simulator

Flight Simulator 0 July 2012 bis November 2012

Explore an abstract landscape

FragFest January 1998 bis heute

Fast-paced arcade-like vehicular shooter in a highly interactive physically-based 3D world. Free Demo available!

FreudBot January 2014 bis heute

Single-player 2D action card game for Android/Windows Store. Help Steve face every day fears like bullying bosses and pesky mothers-in-law!

Fruitbash September 2010 bis October 2010

Match-3 puzzle for single- and multiplayer

Future Unfolding January 1970 bis heute

Future Unfolding lets you explore a world filled with life, both beautiful and dangerous.

GhostControl Inc. May 2013 bis heute

Das uneheliche Kind von X-Com, Ghostbusters und Theme Hospital

Globosome: Path of the Swarm May 2012 bis May 2014

In Globosome, players take on the role of a dark little spherical being that replicates into a swarm by feeding on its natural environment.

Granny Death August 2013 bis August 2013

Ludum Dare 27

Halfway June 2013 bis July 2014

Halfway is a turn-based strategy RPG taking place a few hundred years into the future. Humanity has started colonising new worlds. Until now

Handball Simulator 2010 - European Tournament April 2008 bis February 2010

Handball Simulation

Highway Run September 2011 bis April 2012

Highway Run offers fast paced, arcade like racing action mixed up with plenty of unique missions.

Hipster Zombies November 2012 bis March 2013

When hipsters turn themselves into zombies and haunt the living it is time to fight back. Ironically.

Hungry for Blocks November 2012 bis January 2013

Der Puzzler mit Persönlichkeit

Immune March 2014 bis heute

Experience true survival with a wink in the new top-down cartoon MMO Immune.

In Between October 2013 bis heute

Atmospheric, award-winning platformer where you solve mind-bending puzzles by manipulating your surroundings and gravity itself.

J.A.R.G. April 2014 bis heute

No Zombies, No Stars, No Careers, No Bananas. Just Another Racing Game

Kesselberg Legendary Racing September 2014 bis December 2014

Beat the legendary Bavarian race track!

Kind of Soccer January 2014 bis January 2016

It is not soccer. Only kind of.

KittyJumpr March 2014 bis heute

It\'s all about the circle!

Lowboat January 2013 bis heute

A spaceship mysteriously falls from the sky and sinks to the bottom of the ocean.

Moon Race October 2012 bis December 2012

Feel the Fever of the Moon Race on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Nerd Knowledge Playground November 2012 bis July 2013

Video Game / Art Installation

New Road January 2013 bis January 2015

Draw a curve and it turns into a road.

NOWHERE January 2007 bis heute

Hardcore Alien Life Simulator

Olav & the Lute February 2013 bis October 2013

Mystical musical adventure about a post-war world with strange creatures and a lute.

Orcish Inn April 2014 bis heute

Orc tavern simulation: Raise crops, brew beer, create your inn and serve the incoming, orcish guests.

Ordnungswissenschaft January 1970 bis January 1970

A game about order.

O‘zapft is! June 2012 bis September 2012

The classic labyrinth game ... Bavarian style.

Paneuropa January 2014 bis April 2015

A split-screen game for one player.

PiTT October 2012 bis July 2013

Help the little robot PiTT to find his way through a maze of tubes. Innovative puzzle action with realistic physics awaits you.

PixelMogul January 2013 bis March 2014

PixelMogul is a charming pixelstyle game for iOS. In the game the player takes the role of a landlord. His objective is to own all buildings

Project: Evolution March 2014 bis heute


Pwnie Yard January 2013 bis heute

An indie game where you design a challenge for your friends. Layout traps, place various smart guards, and choose tasks to fulfill.

Pwnie Yard: Razorettes April 2015 bis April 2016

Get to know the twins and save Tommy by jumping over the swinging barbwire... forever

Rettungswagen Simulator 2012 / Ambulance Car Simulator 2012 April 2010 bis August 2011


Rettungswagen Simulator 2014 / Ambulance Car Simulator 2014 September 2012 bis June 2013

Rettungsdienst Simulation

Rise of Legions January 2015 bis heute

Rise of Legions is an action-driven free-to-play strategic multiplayer game with focus on PvP.

Rules! February 2014 bis August 2014

Rules is a fast and cute twitch-puzzle game

Rush on Rome January 2012 bis November 2012

Tower Defense

ScapeGhost May 2013 bis August 2013

Spiele zwei Charaktere gleichzeitig und entkomme dem Verlies

Schein May 2011 bis heute

Schein is a challenging puzzle platformer built on the myth of a wisp named Irrlicht. In this game light is the key to everything.

Seilbahn Simulator 2014 August 2013 bis heute

Wirtschaftssimulation mit technischen Aspekten.

Sheep Shack May 2011 bis heute

Sheep Shack combines the addictive styles of Whack-a-Mole and Fruit Ninja, resulting in a new style of gameplay for all ages.

Sky Arena January 2013 bis heute

Sky Arena is a multiplayer shoot ‘em up which is similar to Starfox 64

Solar Struggle January 2008 bis August 2010

Action arcade shooter

Solar Struggle: Survival October 2010 bis January 2011

Action arcade shooter

Somyeol February 2011 bis December 2011

Save them from extinction

Spaaaaaaaaace July 2013 bis heute


SPiN WARS February 2010 bis March 2013

Up to 4 friends battle each other simultaneously on just one device in this simple but fun arena shoot em up game!

Spirits January 1970 bis January 1970

Autumn is coming. Leaves fall, and spirits rise from the fallen leaves to begin their journey home.

super ccatch December 2013 bis July 2014

catch your color and avoid the others in this challenging mobile game

Super Paperman March 2014 bis heute

Super Paperman is bringing 4 player couch co op into your living room again while adding another dimension to 2D platformers

SwapQuest May 2013 bis heute

Puzzle-Rollenspiel zum Mitnehmen

Symbol Quest : Riddle Challenge February 2015 bis March 2015

Ziehe deine Linien sinnvoll und enthülle das verborgene Symbol. Errate den gesuchten Namen.

Symmetrain October 2013 bis heute

Symmetrain is a restore-the-symmetry puzzle game. The goal is to tap as many differences as possible until the train gets too fast.

Team Indie March 2013 bis heute

Team Indie unites different indie video game characters into one exciting jump & run play experience.

Terrible Tower December 2013 bis December 2014

*** Are you able to overcome the Terrible Tower where all your friends will surrender to fail? ***

The Bug Butcher October 2013 bis heute

Pest Control with machine guns in space

The Inner World May 2010 bis November 2013

The Inner World – 2D Point & Click Adventure Game

The Inner World May 2011 bis November 2013

The Last Tinker: City of Colors October 2012 bis May 2014

A charming blend of modern platforming and multicolored style, The Last Tinker: City of Colors is a one-of-a-kind adventure.

The LootCastle October 2013 bis February 2014

Tower defense with a focus on skill trees.

Touch of Death May 2013 bis July 2013

Your friend and mentor is dying in your arms! Dastardly attacked and left to die. Tradition commands that you avenge this senseless death.

TRI: Of Friendship and Madness November 2011 bis October 2014

Create your own path in strange worlds - use the magic of triangles to walk on walls and solve puzzles!

Troopers VR - Join Up Now! February 2015 bis April 2015

Join Troopers VR and save the Galaxy! Kill anything that has more than two legs! - VR FPS - Tons of Bugs on 3 different Planets

Type Kill December 2012 bis April 2013

The EAC tries to invade the west. Crush the EAC and improve your typing skills.

Wood Games 3D January 2011 bis September 2011

Sportspiel mit 7 Disziplinen in einem netten Outdoor-Setting

Yay! Zombies August 2011 bis April 2012

Slice and shoot ragdoll zombies and cut off all their limbs for extra points in Yay! Zombies

Zeit² February 2008 bis heute

Zeit² is a old school, side-scrolling, 2D shoot em up with a unique time travel feature!

Zukis Quest March 2013 bis November 2013

Zukis Quest is a mobile, turn-based puzzle platformer. Solve challenging puzzles by controlling the gravity.